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About Lien Viet Green

About Lien Viet Green

Our Ecosystem

The taste of green coffee beans can be various depending on where they are grown. The climate and soil condition of the region where coffee farms are located greatly affect the flavors of coffee we’ll experience when we drink. Our team has spent time researching and taking fieldtrips to many provinces of Vietnam to find out regions which geographical conditions have potentials to produce high-quality green coffee beans. We connected experienced farmers in Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Lam Ha and Bao Loc to build an ecosystem, also a quality and sustainable supply source of green coffee beans.

About our founder

Starting her coffee journey in 2017, Ms. Huong Tran has become a coffee expert with honor coffee certificates from Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) as well as international coffee organizations.

A natural coffee lover, Ms. Huong Tran was born and grew up in Vietnam which is known as the second largest coffee exporter worldwide. The country, however, has not gained any reputation as a source of quality coffee in the global industry, even though its climate and soil conditions are definitely suitable to produce coffee which quality can be totally compared to any other region in the world. Understanding that, in 2019 she decided to establish Lien Viet Green Company with a big desire to bring distinctive flavors of Vietnam specialty green coffee beans to the world.

She has spent years traveling to many regions throughout the S-shape Land to research the regional climate and land characteristics and to associate coffee farms to build an ecosystem, a sustainable and quality supply source of green coffee beans. With knowledge and great love towards her hometown coffee beans, she always pays her most attention on every phase of the production process from farming, processing to final products in order to make sure the special flavors of every high-quality green coffee bean produced are fully brought to customers.


Certificates of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) & Coffee Quality
Institute (QCI) have been awarded to Ms. Huong Do